erence Conran designed for “Prisu” collections in a spirit and style similar to that of Quatre Saisons. Like the creators at 4S, he liked the beauty of well-designed common objects, manufactured with fine materials. But Terence Conran, an entrepreneur working closely with financiers, developed Habitat well beyond the size of the Quatre Saisons retail stores. In 1973 the first Habitat opened in Paris. Although initially there was complementarity with Quatre Saisons, Quatre Saisons was quickly left behind and was no longer capable of competing when IKEA arrived on the market. Others followed, such as Fly, Alinéa, Pier Import for objects and still others later.

Quatre Saisons was able to make familiar the idea of furniture that you put them together according to your needs, by stacking basic structures and ready to take home. Ikea went further with the DIY concept, using parts ready to assemble.  Made of chipboard and plywood , with  screws and instructions, IKEA was  much cheaper than Quatre Saisons. Those kits, made in eastern Europe then coming from Asia, came in a large variety of finishes. This  furniture dominated, and invaded the market and interiors.

Quatre Saisons turned the page.

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