hanks to the enthusiasm of journalists such as Marie Claude Dumoulin, Alice Morgaine, the staff of  “100 Ideas” or “Maison de Marie Claire” magazines, the 4S anti-conformist state of mind was rapidly adopted by architects, artists and the self-employed before touching business managers, civil servants and teachers in the 1970’s and 80’s. At first they equipped their children’s room, offices, kitchen, then the whole house.

With the first Habitat ® store opened in Paris by Terence Conran, appeared shops for kitchen tools and ware such as Genevieve Lethu® or La Porcelaine blanche® that sells cheaper industrial porcelain dishes showing slight defects. Inspired by the fashion of American kitchens tastefully decorated to receive friends, Kitchen Bazaar ® and Culinarion® arrived; Prisunic ® adopted with Maime Arnodin and Denise Fayolle  the “Prisu” style, close in many ways to the Quatre Saisons style. The era of mass consumption was around the corner.  French people began to decorate and equip houses with imported and cheap goods that they renewed frequently in keeping with the fashions. Cheap chipboard or plywood lacquered furniture spread. In the late 1980’s, the solid wood cubes and the simple objects of good quality manufactured by Quatre Saisons seemed to bore customers always hungry for something new.

Taking this same consumerist tack, huge home and furniture stores successfully developed, pushing Quatre Saisons to take a new path.


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