The screw-stool

An iconic produce of Quatre Saisons since its beginning in 1965, The screw-tool was a best seller that was still widely copied twenty years later. René Legrand did conceive it under the influence of the traditional stool with three feet and a large solid screw used in the jeweler’s workshops. It was made in beech wood like most seats.

The triangular folding chair

This chair was imported by Quatre Saisons from Italy. It was a small, compact, light and solid chair. Folded, it took up very little space,  and thus was very convenient in small apartments. It came in natural wood or painted in white, black and red. Quatre Saisons sold it successfully by thousands over the years and tried to keep it always in stock.

The bistro chair and its variations

Quatre Saisons offered a wide range of “bistro style” seats in bentwood in the Thonet ® way and imported from Poland. There was a chair with a backrest composed of two curved blades, an armchair with bent wood armrests, a swivel armchair with metal screw and bended armrests, and a swivel stool on the same principle. And many variations. The seats were caned. The bentwood was varnished in red, white, green, black, or colorless.

The straw-seat country chair

René Legrand modernized the design of the very traditional country chair in France. It was available in natural wood carefully sanded and finished.

The director’s chair

The Quatre Saisons version of the traditional folding “director’s chair” in canvas was in thick leather. It was a Polish import in varnished natural or painted beech wood; its natural leather had a lovely candle touch finish  and took on a patina of nice tawny hues patina over the years. Quatre Saisons proposed also an alternative leather version of the traditionally called “colonial” armchair, lower and fully removable.

Others seats

One could also purchase at Quatre Saisons, chairs and stools in natural solid wooden duckboard. Chairs, stools and armchairs in natural birch, designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), manufactured by Artek and exclusively imported in France by Torvinoka Company. Pretty garden armchairs in chestnut woven slats. A small wicker sofa manufactured by basket makers of Touraine (Centre Region). Heavy wood stools, inspired by the traditional stool to milk cows that pleased Charlotte Perriand so much, in two heights: one at reach of a table, the other one higher to be used as a bar-stool.

To keep the floor of the Quatre Saisons shops free, the stock of chairs was usually hanging from hooks on top of the walls, a discreet tribute to the Shaker communities in North America, whose style of furniture and home accessories was much appreciated by the founders of Quatre Saisons.

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