Drawer units

The Quatre Saisons Storage System relied on drawer units in natural wood all designed on the basis of multiples of 24cm, offering almost infinite possibilities of combinations. You could stack these units, align them, hang them. Some have drawers, or open niches or doors.

The drawer units of Quatre Saisons can remain in natural wood. Their wood will darken and change into a honey color. “Natural wood is easy to clean. Only use soap and water” this was what the sellers at Quatre Saisons used to say to the customers. But one could also paint or varnish them. Quatre Saisons proposed, on special order, to paint industrially the unit drawers bought by the customers, in a wide range of strong colors.

The customers prepared their purchases at home thanks to reference sheets with the sketches and measures of all the unit-drawers models (these sheets were just like a true catalog). At Quatre Saisons in the 70’s you didn’t find the small paper-pencil and the paper tape measure as in IKEA but it was almost the same. Since most drawer units were in stock in Quatre Saisons stores, customers could leave the shop with their drawer-units or place an order and have them delivered within a week.

The small drawer-unit (A) was 24cm high. The unit (B) measured 48cm high (24cm x2). The two units stacked together came to the height of a trestle in order to compose a desk with drawers of 72cm high. Their width measured always 48cm and their depth was 40cm.

In order to make a solid stack of drawer-units, wooden plots fixed at their four corners held them together.

On top, one placed a lid to cover the drawer-unit column(s). Some lids were for one column of drawer-unit (48cm width) some for two (96cm width) or for three.

There existed a special range of drawer-units for the kitchen (K) in ash wood. These were produced in the same sizes as the AB collection except for the depth. One range came in 60cm because of the depth of the kitchen domestic appliances. The other came in 30cm depth in order to be hung. Wooden skirting raised the units to 80cm, the standard height for a kitchen at that time. Note that those drawer-units were also perfect for furnishing a bathroom.

Wall shelves

The “R” were wall shelves could be stacked from floor to ceiling or hung along the walls. They were made of pine using a very strong traditional joinery. There existed different models all designed on the basis of 24cm like with the drawer-units. The system allowed for an infinity of possible combinations in order to create a very rhythmic composition.

A “Navy” Chest of drawers

This chest of three drawers was one of the most iconic furniture designed by Quatre Saisons. Largely inspired by the cabin furniture of boats, it seduced immediately the journalists of Interior decoration French magazines. This Chest of drawers was small, low, with brass handles encased in the wood and iron protections at its four corners. Built in solid pinewood from the Vosges area, customers could choose between a natural finish or have it varnished or lacquered by themselves or by the workshop of Quatre Saisons. After a couple of years, the Chest design was simplified. The metal finishing was forgotten and big wood- buttons succeeded the brass handles. The chest of drawers came also in a solid ash wood version. Throughout, this article always kept the specific measurements that made it so compact and efficient.

Monta® Storage System

Quatre Saisons proposed to its customers to furnish their apartments with an industrial storage system built in solid pinewood by the Dutch Company Bruynzeel®.  The Monta® System was composed of wooden ladders, on which you fix solid wood shelves at the desired height thanks to metal hooks. A metal crosspiece screwed to the two ladders brings stability to the shelf. These industrial shelves can be used in the kitchen for dinnerware storage, in the living-room to keep books and music records, etc. They were practically indestructible.
At Quatre Saisons shops, the different Monta ® elements were sold by the piece and were mostly immediately available. Thus, year after year, customers could complete their personal storage system by adding shelves and ladders.
The Monta ® elements selected by Quatre Saisons came in three heights, three lengths, and three depths, allowing the public to imagine bookshelves, kitchen storage shelves, desk storage shelves, room dividers, etc. in order to fit each room’s shape and use as best as possible.

Small drawer cabinets

These drawer cabinets were manufactured originally for small hardware, by craft  companies from the Jura. They were made in solid local pinewood. All wood furniture lovers and storage maniacs went crazy for them. They came in many heights, in many combinations thanks to different drawer shapes and sizes. The highest drawer cabinets could be placed directly on the floor; others were put on shelves or worktops in order to store supplies. The drawer handles were turned boxwood (natural or dyed black) buttons. There were also series without handles, with a simple hole in the drawer façade to slide the finger in.

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