he cotton canvases for handkerchiefs and kitchen cloths were iconic of the Quatre Saisons style. In pure cotton or metis (a linen and cotton blend) they were woven at Cholet (Vendée, West of France) with square patterns in red, brown, green and blue, and sold by the meter in order to sew tablecloths, curtains, cushions, kitchen aprons, etc. One could buy also at Quatre Saisons, Damascus cotton fabric, Jacquard français pieces of cloth, and original creations for the country, designed by French stylists: Primrose Bordier, Quentin d’Hellemes, or Manuel Canovas. Not to mention a large choice of oilcloth sold by the meter, mainly from Marimekko ® Finnish Company with flowers or large colorful stripes. Quatre Saisons also offered ready-made tablecloths, aprons and kitchen cloths in its selection of fabrics.

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