Quatre Saisons dinnerware

Inspired by Colette Gueden, the famous Director of Primavera, which was the Home Department of the General Store Le Printemps after World War II, Quatre Saisons proposed to consumers for daily use, solid white chinaware sets. This dinnerware was produced originally for popular restaurants and cafés. Like on market stalls, Quatre Saisons sold the Bistro dinnerware by the piece, a way young people preferred largely for their Wedding-list because they no longer wanted to possess complete dinnerware sets like before.

Quatre Saisons glassware

French customers were happy to find in the Quatre Saisons shops, bistro wine glasses in ordinary glass, all of them with a thick bottom. It was also possible to buy there, bistro decanters and water jugs, generous glass bowls on a foot, originally meant to hold eggs, glass jars with a flat molded lid as there was before in the confectionary stores to stock candies, and also cheese covers in glass.  Quatre Saisons handled also a selection of ultra-simple white glass vases and ashtrays, designed from revised industrial glassware; and contemporary Japanese, Finnish and Italian glassware, well designed in the typical spirit of the 70’s.

Silverware and cutlery

The daily kitchen knives with black strong plastic riveted handles are still used in the bistro restaurants to cut beef steaks. At Quatre Saisons they were on display in different funny colors and in a complete set with spoons, forks, knives, butter knives, etc. One could find also other stainless steel design silverware like the German Mono Set of four, with handles in black wood; or a modernized and simplified classical Bourbon model silverware, in stainless steel.

Enameled metal dinnerware

This metal dinnerware in strong colors was perfect for picnics, summer houses, student residences…It was a reminiscent tribute to the metal cheap dinnerware used in canteens by workers, and by farmers having lunch in the fields. Dinner plates, platters, strainers, bowls, soup tureens, pans, water boilers, ladles….were proposed in many colors; all imported from Poland.

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