They differed from one season to another, and over the years, depending of the discoveries and feelings of the moment. Some are nevertheless iconic of Quatre Saisons lifestyle:


The selection of baskets one could find at Quatre Saisons, came from Fayl-Billot ( Haute-Marne in France) and Villaines-les-Rochers in Touraine. Baskets hung from wooden poles along the ceilings or catching your eye in the windows of the Quatre Saisons shops, baskets with or without handles, participated widely to the Quatre Saisons simple and natural “look” because of their country look and their blond color in harmony with the natural wood. They were sold primarily to embellish the kitchen, but also as storage in the rooms and on shelves.


In the 70’s, Parisians streamed from all over town to get new pairs of these clogs at Quatre Saisons,  especially in summertime. They were Swedish clogs from Kristina Company, covered with thick leather on a natural wooden sole. You could buy them in black, brown, red, or in natural color. Parisian women adopted them as walking daily shoes – as they adopted at the same time pants or long dresses. The most enthusiastic completed their wardrobe with a Polish satchel bag carried at the shoulder for going to work in the business districts (and not to hunt in the forests). Its thick leather with a special candle-touch was almost white in the beginning and didn’t fear rain and mud. It tanned gradually becoming more and more honey colored and more beautiful with time.

The shepherd’s umbrella

Totally the opposite of  the folding nylon umbrellas, very new at that time, trying to be as small and as light as possible, in order to slip unnoticed in lady’s bags, the umbrella of Quatre Saisons was an authentic shepherd’s umbrella with a varnished wooden handle and large thick canvas in strong cotton, red, black or blue, meant to be noticed from far in the streets and protected  from rain as well – even though it was quite cumbersome!

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