The ceramics workshop that Mado Jolain-Legrand founded after the war (1945) met with great success, with lots of shapes and tables with glazed tiles and metal bases. In 1956, René Legrand and Mado Jolain-Legrand founded a creative society they called ID (the two letters sound like the French word for “idea”). Their idea was to move beyond pottery into marketing gifts and housewares:

– Coffee tables, magazine racks, floor lamps, wall lamps, screens, structures clad in ceramic tiles, leather and rattan;

– Bottles, desk accessories, baskets, bushels…

– Clocks, mirrors, boxes and baskets and boxes covered with cork, leather, canvas or with photographic prints from the work of Claudette Robin, a photographer friend.

– Different series of storage jars, for pencils, spoons, tobacco, spices etc.

The collections designed by ID were presented twice a year at the Salon de la Céramique et des Métiers d’Art, showroom for the art trades, next to other similar creators like: Chambost, Ruelland, Jouve, Deblander, La Porcelaine blanche or Porcelaine de Paris. Reputed stores from Paris and the provinces ordered from ID. These included: Merceron (Montaigne Av. and Le Touquet) Primavera, Department run by Colette Gueden in Le Printemps (Paris), the gallery “Maison et Jardin”, Jacques Franck’s or Françoise Thibault’s shops, Gazebo in Enghien, Strich, La Gadgetière, La Porte ouverte (rue St Honoré) … Among journalists who liked their collections and supported them we find Carlos Gil (maison Française) Marie-Claude Dumoulin (Elle) Ginette Sainderichin (Jardin des Modes) Alice Morgaine (Madame Express)

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