Like many French artists and designers after the 2nd World War, the founders of Quatre Saisons founders appreciated and promoted the beauty of folk Arts and crafts still produced with great skill in the French provinces, Quatre Saisons preferred to propose to Parisians very well-made handmade baskets, stoneware pots and utensils, wood turned bowls, leather ware, enameled metal dinnerware…all creating a cordial, simple and inexpensive country-like atmosphere in the city. Quatre Saisons based their choices on solid traditional culture, instead of classic “bourgeois” objects bought in antique shops, or sophisticated high-priced designed accessories. Quatre Saisons philosophy declares that there is no reason to hide what life is made of behind a décor. Daily accessories and utensils, when they are well-chosen and well-designed, become the décor of our lives. René Legrand and Mado Jolain-Legrand were great admirers of Le Corbusier (1887-195) and Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) who had adopted the same philosophy prior to  World War II.

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