The key idea, on which Quatre Saisons built its success, consists in allowing customers to combine elements in solid natural wood all multiple of 24cm, in order to build their own furniture.
Thus composed, desk, library, chest of drawers, bedside drawers…all met each client’s needs and suited the disposable space. Thanks to their neutral functionality, they fit harmoniously with the other furniture a client might own. Moreover, with the passing of time, as clients’ needs changed, Quatre Saisons furniture could be dismantled, composed otherwise, modified, transformed, completed with new modules to become more appropriate furniture.
This versatility and modularity were very new in the 1960’s when retail shops were proposing definitive furniture sets for the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the dressing-room, etc.

Quatre Saisons modules were made in solid wood – pine, beech and ash wood – and had a quality finish. They were finely sanded and sold plain without coloration, varnish or paint. Therefore, each customer, depending on his other furniture style and what he likes, can decide to keep them plain or have them varnished, lacquered or stained.
Thanks to their evolutionarily casual style, solidity and easy adaptability, the modular elements of Quatre Saisons quickly became used in offices and especially in the offices of architects, stylists, journalists, artists and the professions – white collar uses that in French are referred as “les cadres”.

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