After World War II and until the 1980’s, Parisian Cafés and “bistros” served meals in thick white china dinnerware, on strong tablecloths woven in cotton with a red and white checkered pattern or white damask. Coffee was served in small thick china cups often dark green with a golden line on top. Wine was poured from the carafe into glasses with thick bottoms. Already in the 50’s, Colette Gueden, at the head of Primavera, the Home-shop inside the Printemps Department store proposed to her fancy clients Bistro dinnerware and cutlery. Quatre Saisons kept  up with the idea, selling all these articles by the piece. Tables were set inside the stores and at the window displays, just as if in a charming French bistro named “ A la bonne franquette”. It was very tempting to think that the Chef was going to come along and serve you a good glass of Morgon wine with few slices of saucisson!

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