hen Mado Jolain-Legrand opened the store in Aix-en-Provence in 1975, the style Quatre Saisons was starting the be well known, and the clients from Aix became interested in interior design. Therefore, the success was immediate. The store was located rue Joseph Cabassol, in the Mazarin neighborhood close to the cours Mirabeau, and was bright and spacious. A Laura Ashley® store opened at the same time, and soon after, Agnès b.® set up shop one street away. Rue Cabassol leads to the Mignet High-School and the music conservatory, which means that it was in plain sight of all the parents taking their children to these famous institutions. The choice of wares was very similar to those in Paris, with more lounge chairs in cloth or woven cane, and large patio umbrellas imported from Italy. People from Aix came to Quatre Saisons to buy accessories for their home, their chalet in the southern Alps, or their “cabin” near the sea, to buy the white tableware, the colorful silverware, the oilcloths, the woven baskets, and the solid glassware that suits these houses open to sun and nature.

On the modern wooden furniture side, aggressive competition arrived from Paris all the way to Lyon and Marseille, called Habitat and a few years later IKEA. A new chapter in interior design was starting in France. For Quatre Saisons as well, with a new team at its head, and a new store Avenue du Maine, in the newly renovated neighborhood near the Montparnasse train station in Paris.

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