n spring 1972, Mado Jolain-Legrand decided to leave Paris and open her Quatre Saisons store in Avignon (in the region of Provence). Avignon was then still a middle-sized town and at the beginning, the unconventional store was surprising. Very well located in rue Joseph Vernet (well known by all inhabitants of Avignon for its numerous fashionable  stores), Quatre Saisons was quickly successful. The Avignon store offered the same wares as the Parisian stores but adapted itself to the region: boxwood beaded curtains to keep the flies out, colorful folding lounge chairs… The store was not spacious enough to display all the furniture. Mado Jolain-Legrand thus thought about getting a larger space in Avignon, but finally decided to open a twin store in Aix-en-Provence, to attract all the students and the clientele from Marseille who loves to come to Aix to shop on Saturdays.

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