The excavations for an underground parking lot next to what is nowadays called the “forum des Halles” forced Quatre Saisons to leave rue Mondétour for the 6 of rue du Jour, in the shop of a former meat packer, across the street from the firehouse and next to Saint-Eustache church. The space was huge with a second floor, and a maze of storage in the basement. The architect studio in where Marc, the son of René Legrand and Mado Jolain-Legrand, worked was in charge of interior design and created mezzanines, half floors and a glass canopy. The result was stunning, both generous and simple. Agnes b.® who later took over the place, did not alter the original design

The furniture and the objects from Quatre Saisons were nicely highlighted in this large flagship store. Stock was stored in the basement, and therefore clients were almost guaranteed to be able to leave with the furniture they wanted. The large space was divided in smaller sections resembling the different rooms of home with a joyful and relaxed atmosphere: bedrooms, office, living room… The large kitchen section was fully functional and even became a salon de thé. Clients were able to peruse the wares and take a coffee under the canopy, surrounded by plants and facing the slate roofs of the Saint-Eustache Church. A seminal idea.

As Quatre Saisons was moving in, a small store became vacant on the other side of the courtyard, 4 rue du Jour. Quatre Saisons seized the opportunity and opened a store entirely dedicated to the kitchen. A third store later opened on the other side of the street, dedicated this time to gifts, bags and clogs. Quatre Saisons was at its peak. Journalists from interior design magazines, because of their large following, contributed to the success of the store rue du Jour, while the two other stores kept a faithful customer base, which came back regularly. This fervor spread  to the rest of the country who discovered it when they came to the capital for their shopping. This success prompted Quatre Saisons to open stores outside of Paris.

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