he Quatre Saisons shop, rue Trousseau, was hosted since its opening in 1965 by Gilberte Brisset. Her charming country accent from Burgundy fit perfectly with the anti-conformist spirit of Quatre Saisons. Gilberte Brisset was always ready to share with her clients her valuable country common sense and her best culinary recipes, as they discovered excitingly the new spirit of Quatre Saisons. She also did not mind helping pile the drawers units, shelves, chairs, etc into customers’ cars.

Mathild Staib
  had been part of the Quatre Saisons team since its beginning, selecting with René Legrand and Mado Jolain-Legrand the items of the first Quatre Saisons collections. She took the lead of the Quatre Saisons shop boulevard de Grenelle as soon as it did open. Her window dresser talents were at their best with the two large glass shop-windows overlooking Boulevard de Grenelle, focused to attract irresistibly West Parisians. She was always dressed in pants and clogs, charming the clients with her slight German accent and her sweet Christmas German spice cookies, in the bright and modern atmosphere of Quatre Saisons.

In the background of Quatre Saisons were Andrée Rouillet, expert on stock keeping and accounting, and “Monsieur” Perraut, responsible for clients’ orders, the finishing of the elements and module furniture (mounting, sanding, painting), and the daily replenishment with René of the shops. Their long-time loyalty has been an important support for the Quatre Saisons’ team, mainly driven by the affect, the impulse more than by the sense of organization.

Anne Grosjean dressed with country petticoats, skirts, aprons…and walking with clogs, was very active at the rue du Jour shop. She  welcomed the clients and the journalists who were more and more sensitive to Quatre Saisons style. Anne Grosjean developed Quatre Saisons’ Fabric collection and opened a tearoom in the winter garden installed under the large glass window of the shop looking directly on the back of the Saint-Eustache church.

Claudette Dumazer has been a loyal and efficient help to Mado’s Quatre Saisons shop in Avignon. Her dynamic personality was greatly appreciated by Avignon customers.

We can not name all the people who contributed to Quatre Saisons’ adventure, but we do hope they have kept nice memories of their participation and of the wooden smell that always surrounded Quatre Saisons’ shops. May they be very warmly thanked.

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