Quatre Saisons’ suppliers were mainly French small craft companies with whom loyal and friendly relations were built through the years by Quatre Saisons.

 Drawer-units, Wall-shelves and tables of Quatre Saisons were produced with pinewood from the Landes forest by a carpenter company located in Challans (Vendée), and in Les Vosges with pinewood from this area.

• The Monta® storage system was industrially produced in pinewood by Bruynzeel® in the Netherlands.

• The basketry was provided by cooperatives of basketry craftsmen from Villaines-les-Rochers (Indre et Loire) and Fayl-Billot (Haute Marne). Some were woven by independent craftsmen from Vendée and Brittany.

• Wine glasses were hand-blown and were produced in glass manufactures like La Rochère® (Franche-Comté) whereas  the mechanical glasses were imported from Italy. Vases, candlesticks, design models were selected among collections produced in Finland, Italy and Spain.

• The white China dinnerware was produced by Pillivuyt ® (Cher), Virebent ® (Lot) and other well-known French companies. Some models were selected in Germany (Rosenthal ®), England, Finland (Ittala®) or Japan.

• Quatre Saisons Cutlery was produced in Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme).  Popular Bistro cutlery with plastic riveted handles in many colors, were provided by Cotte® Company.

• Bushel items and small drawer cabinets were made by small companies in the Jura.  

• Traditional handkerchief fabric was woven in Cholet (Vendée) and sold mainly by Turpault®.

• The classic cotton shepherd’s umbrella was provided by Neyrat® near Autun (Burgundy).

• Leather clogs were delivered by Swedish Kristina® Company.

• All bentwood seats, satchels, bags, Director and colonial armchairs with leather covers were imported from Poland. Just the same for enameled dinner and kitchenware. All were imported through a State Importer, Poland being at that time a Socialist Republic affiliated to the USSR.

• Japanese items were imported through a Swiss specialized importer: Lüber® Firma.

• Lighting installations primarily came from Italy.

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