ado Jolain-Legrand and René Legrand (1923-1996) decided to create Quatre Saisons in 1965 in order to share with others a new spirit of Home Decoration. Clearly opposed to the traditional French interior’s style mainly furnished with furniture and objects received in heritage or as wedding presents, the founders shared with Scandinavians a conception of minimalist Interiors, open to the modernity, welcoming. They also shared the conviction that it’s the owner’s personalities that must create their interior style and not the opposite.

Under the influence of the country popular crafts like many other artists after WW2, they mixed design and modularity, Modern Scandinavian concepts and a country style compatible with urban lifestyle.

On the other hand, Quatre Saisons was for its founders, just a part of their very rich artistic life. René Legrand had been a painter until 1954, being one of the youngest artists of the Second Paris School. He decided to stop painting only to create his first collections of furniture and objects. Mado Jolain-Legrand, a ceramicist, kept her artistic activities with clay until 1970.

After they quit Quatre Saisons, each of them pursued their personal artistic adventure, Mado in Provence, René at La Rochelle after a sailing cruise around the globe on a sailing boat he partly built.

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