ne of Quatre Saisons furniture manufactures is located in “les Vosges” (Lorraine Area). It produces exclusively for it, round, square or rectangular country tables, built in thick pinewood, more conveniently sized for apartments than the traditional original ones. With the same spirit, René Legrand added square or rectangular low coffee-tables with one or two plates.

Much easier to move and transform, trestle tables are one of the key pieces of Quatre Saisons’ collections. A board supported by two trestles: the principle is inspired by the tables used in all Craftsmen’ workshops.  Quatre Saisons trestles are made in natural beech delivered sanded but without varnish or painting. For convenient reasons in the apartment, the width of the trestles is smaller than the traditional one, and their proportions calculated to create a low coffee-table when lying them down. The desktop consists of a lightweight wooden tray. This top is available in a natural wood finish or in matt laminate colors, and in different length from 90 to 180 cm. Redesigned adjustable trestles meant for architects were also available.

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